Desiccator Cabinets, Temperature Controlled/Heated, CAP-19F-SST-4DR-34Wx28Hx20D-24B

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Desiccator Cabinet- Temp Controlled/Heated

The stainless steel desiccator cabinets and inert atmosphere cabinets are designed to create sealed compartments that will hold or contain parts in a dry or nitrogen environment. The desiccator cabinets are constructed with a heavy-gage, stainless steel outside shell and a stainless steel divider between each compartment. Each compartment is sealed to form a pressurized storage space. The stainless steel shell creates a strong, durable cabinet that will not crack or break apart at the seams. The stainless construction is suitable for heavy storage loads and areas concerned with ESD. 

The compartments have a hinged, clear acrylic door with a heavy-duty stainless steel frame and a cam-action, over center door latch. They are hinged with a continuous hinge and are gasketted with a light gray PVC closed-cell gasket.

The back panel of the desiccator cabinets are stainless steel. It is welded and sealed to the back of the unit. This back panel can be modified to attach other equipment or a second set of doors if desired. Optional accessories include a clear back panel, fixed or adjustable shelves, locking handles and non-outgassing cabinets.   Call for a quote.   Other size compartment available along with multiple door units.

•  Welded Stainless Steel
•  4 Door
•  Double Tier
•  Designed to be Mounted in a Wall
•  Temperature Controlled Heater for Each Compartment
•  Exterior Insulation Where Needed
•  Manual Purge (MAN)
•  Upgrade Manual Purge to One Flow Gage Per Compartment
•  Purge System Installed in Base
•  Clear Insulated Tempered Glass Windows
•  4" Dia x 4 1/8" D Welded Stainless Steel Cylinders in Each Compartment Bottom
•  24" Base

CAP19F-SST-4DR-34Wx28Hx20D-24B  Stainless Steel Desiccator Cabinet - Temperature Controlled - Heated - 4 Doors - Single Compartment Size: 34"W x 28"H x 20"D - 24" Base
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