Cleanroom Wipes - Polyester, Sealed Edge, 9"x9" LT-3400SE-99P

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Cleanroom Wipes - Polyester - Sealed Edge Edge - 9"x9"   #LT-3400SE-99P

This Laundered Polyester Sealed Edge Cleanroom Wipe is extremely low in particle generation and soluble extractables. The cleanroom wiper is comprised of 100% continuous filament polyester fiber that is expecially clean. The knit construction has been developed to ensure integrity and cleaning performance.  The cleanroom wipes are laundered in ultra filtered water of 0.20 micron purity and dried in a HEPA filtered Class 10 air stream. Each cleanroom wiper is inspected and hermetically sealed in "ultra-clean" packages within a Class 100 cleanroom. The cleanroom wipers have certified quality control with lot-to-lot traceability. The polyester cleanroom wipers are available in standard weight material. The wipers have a sealed edge to prevent any fibers from releasing from the edge of the wipe.

LT-3400SE-99P    Polyester Sealed Edge Wiper -  Economical Standard Weight   Class 100     9"x9"    150/Bag Stacked - 10 Bags/case

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