Cleanroom Wiper - PVA, 7"x 9", MN-WP1-79

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Cleanroom Wipers -  PVA -  7"x 9" - MN-WP1-79

The PVA wipers are a low linting, fast-drying wiper available in many sizes.  They are used for cleaning and wiping applications in microelectronics, semiconductor and aerospace.  Can be laundered and re-used. PVA material is 1/16" thick.  Not recommended for use with isopropyl alcohol.  Cannot be autoclaved.  Price per bag of 10 wipes.  100 wipers per case.  All wipes are bagged 10 per bag.  Minimum order 10 wipes.

• Low linting
• Fast drying
• Launderable
• 1/16" thick

Available in Sizes:     7"x 9"       10/Pack
                                    9"x 9"      10/Pack
                                   10"x 12"   10/Pack
                                   12"x 12"   10/Pack
                                   14"x 14"   10/Pack
                                   14"x 18"     5/Pack       

MN-WP1-79, PVA Covered, Nova Sponge, 7"x9"

NOTE:  PRICED PER PACK OF 10 or 5 for the 14" x 18"

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