Cleanroom Tables, Eagle Tables, Electropolished Perforated Top, Stainless Steel Base, 2 Stainless Steel Over-shelves, 36"W x 36"L, EA-WOAPEP3636T-2

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Cleanroom Table - Eagle - Electropolished Perforated Top - Stainless "C" Frame Base - 2 Stainless Overshelves - EA-WOAPEP3636T-2

Cleanroom tables have an overhead cantilevered shelf system.  Electropolished perforated top with choice of base combination: one wire undershelf and one C-frame or H-frame, or two C-frames or H-frames.  Systems that offer 12" wide (chrome, stainless steel) cantilevered overshelves are combined with two 33" front posts and two 63" rear posts.  Systems that offer 14"wide (chrome, stainless steel) wire overshelves are combined with two 33" front posts, two 63" rear posts, and two 29" front posts for wire overshelves.  Wire overshelves and undershelves feature patented QuadTruss design.

•  Stainless steel work surface available in solid or perforated, with brushed or electropolished finish
•  All work surface table tops feature hat channel underneath for added strength
•  All posts are numbered in 1" (25mm) increments for flexible and level positioning of the base that you choose.  Available in chrome or stainless steel finish.
•  Base combination available with or without wire undershelf, with chrome or stainless steel H-frame(s) or C-frame(s)
•  An almost unlimited number of custom configurations can be created by adding undershelves or overshelves
•  34½" (876mm) working height

•  Two 33" (838mm) front posts
•  Two 63" (1600mm) rear posts
•  12" (305mm) wide chrome or stainless steel cantilevered shelves* mount to rear posts

•  Two 33" (838mm) front posts
•  Two 63" (1600mm) rear posts
•  Two 29" (737mm) front posts for wire overshelves
•  14" (356mm) wide chrome or stainless steel wire overshelves* mount to rear posts and to 29" (737mm) posts

EA-WOAPEP3636T-2, Cleanroom Table, Electropolished Perforated Top, 14 gauge type 304, Two "C" Frame Stainless Steel Base, Two Stainless Steel Overshelves, 36"W x 36"L x 33"H.
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