Cleanroom Mop - Power Head Dense Urethane Foam-14"W Autoclavable MN-PHU-114

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Cleanroom Mops - Power Head Dense Urethane Foam - 14"W  Autoclavable

The PowerHead™ Dense Urethane Foam is a disposable sponge mop head for cleanroom support areas. The mop head has two distinct cleaning surfaces to offer twice the cleaning potential of standard foam mops. Designed for use with QDPHH-10 or 14 electropolished stainless steel handle.  The mop head can be used with PowerHead adapter bar PHB-10 or 14 to retrofit a Roll-O-Matic self-wringing handle. 10" or 14" wide.
12 per case
Quantity discounts available.
SIZE: 2½" x 4" x 14"
OTHER MOP HEAD STYLES AVAILABLE:  Dense Urethane Foam, Absorbent Foam, Dense Ether Foam, Wide Pore Foam and Polyester Covered Foam Head.
MN-PHU-114    PowerHead Dense Urethane Foam Mop Head  14" Wide  
Price per each
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