Mop Frame & Adjustable Handles, Perfex TruClean, Fixed Position, Stainless/Polymer, Adj 144"-216", PF-22-39-8818

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Mop Frame and Adjustable Handles - Perfex TruClean - Fixed Position - Stainless/Polymer - Adjustable from 144" to 216" - PF-22-39-8818

The TruClean mop frame is made of high grade stainless steel, can be easily maneuvered onto floors, walls, ceilings, baseboards and any confined areas such as corners or under equipment where conventional string mops are notoriously inefficient. Also permits mopping in an "S" motion, collecting solid particles as the technician mops. Low profiled mop frame for easy and efficient cleaning under fixtures or other hard to reach surfaces. TruClean Mop Frame delivers continual surface contact at any angle and is accurately balanced and non-flipping. Changing mop and sponge heads is a clean and easy operation. A quick squeeze releases the frame-locking mechanism, enabling contaminated mop or sponge head to be replaced.

The TruClean Adjustable Handle has been developed to meet the ergonomic and hygienic needs of critical environments. It can be adjusted from 72" to 144" for comfort and those hard-to-reach areas.  Made of high quality polyester and composite materials, the TruClean adjustable Handle is lightweight, durable and chemically resistant. The TruClean adjustable handle is impervious to water, grease, gasoline, detergents, sanitizers and solvents, and is compatible with gamma, ETO and autoclave sterilization.

Longer adjustable handles available for those hard to reach areas. PF-22-57  adjusts from 34" to 62" and PF-88-12 adjusts from 72" to 144"

Frame Size: 15 3/4" x 3 15/16"

Product Code: PF-22-39 + PF-8818  Perfex TruClean Mop Frame and Extendable Handle, Fixed Position Mop Head, Stainless Steel & Polymer Composite Material, Handle Adjusts 144" to 216"
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