Cleanroom Mop Bucket System - MicroNova SlimLine, 2 Buckets, Blue & Yellow Plastic MN-C-7

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Cleanroom Mop Bucket System - MicroNova SlimLine -2 Buckets - Blue & Yellow Plastic

SlimT™ Double Bucket Cart is a  simple and effective double bucket system is comprised of an electropolished stainless steel frame that easily transports two 6 gallon buckets. Excellent maneuverability is achieved with the 360° rotation of the caster wheels.  The generous 19” width of the buckets makes them suitable for use with a variety of mop heads.  The entire unit  is autoclavable.
MN-C7  Slim Line Cart with 2  Buckets   Stainless steel cart frame with 2 buckets:  Blue (MN-B-7DB) & Yellow   (MN-B-7YE)
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