Cleanroom Hand Scraper - Hand Scraper - Polypropylene PF-4400

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Cleanroom Hand Scraper - Polypropylene
The Poly Hand Scraper is superb for counter tops, pans, vats stuffing tables, walls, floors and other utility uses requiring a durable scraper.  100% polypropylene construction is sterilizable and won't scratch stainless steel surfaces.  No seams or cracks for bacterial growth.  Tapered handle with thumb support for firm grip.  Non-absorbent and unaffected by grease, water, acids, solvents and sanitizers.  Blade width 4 3/8", total length 9 3/4".   20 per case.  Color:  White
PF-4400  Hand Scraper, Heavy Duty  White    20/case - minimum order may apply

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