Cleanroom Gloves - Handpro, Natural Rubber Latex, Fully Textured, Natural Color, Double Chlorinated, Powder Free, Size Small, HG-2401-S

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Cleanroom Gloves - Hourglass® - HandPRO® - Natural Rubber Latex - Powder Free - Fully Textured, Natural Color -  Size: Small HG-2401-S

HandPRO® Series 2400 Clean Class Latex Gloves are 100% natural rubber latex for strength and stretch. The fully textured, natural color glove is double chlorinated for donning and to reduce tackiness and protein content. The gloves are powder free, compatible with ISO 5 and up cleanroom environments. Sizes S to XXL. 

• 100% natural robber latex
• Fully textured surface
• Low protein (50mg/g max)
• Powder free
• Double chlorinated
• CE bagged and compatible with cleanrooms lSO 5 and up

Specify Size                                                  Specs                                                                                                   Physical Properties              
HG-2401-S           Small                                Meet or exceed ASTM and FDA Requirements.                               (before aging)
HG-2402-M           Medium                           Glove Thickness                                                                                Tensile Strength: Min 18.0 Mpa
HG-2403-L            Large                               Cuff.....Min 0.10 mm                                                                          Ultimate Elongation: Min 650%                          
HG-2404-XL         X-Large                            Palm.....Min 0.18 mm
HG-2405-XXL      XX-Large∗                      Finger.....Min 0.20 mm

Glove Length                                                Packaging Double Bagged                                                                       
Min. 295 mm                                                  100 Gloves/Bag
                                                                        10 Bags/Case

HandPRO- Powder Free - Natural Rubber Latex - Fully Textured - Natural Color - 100pcs/bag, 10bg/cs, ∗XXL 80 pcs/bag,10bg/cs

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