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HEPA Filter AC Units; 1 Ton, HI-24


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HEPA Filtered AC Unit - 1 Ton - HI-24

The Series of HVAC products from HEPAir is the only fully integrated modular environmental systems specifically designed and manufactured for the general cleanroom industry. The cleanroom AC units are intended for use in standard cleanroom environments such as pharmaceutical, medical device, electronics, packaging, aerospace, chemical, hospitals and laboratories.

These AC units are intended for temperature, humidity and pressure control and are offered in both standard or customized systems ranging in size from 1/2 ton to 25 tons in capacity.

The HEPAir® horizontal series can be mounted directly or remotely to most manufacturers' fan filters for process level control of temperature and humidity.  Available in 1/2 ton to 2 ton capacities.  The AC units can be quickly installed, relocated or added on to.  Its multi-panel design allows for variable duct connections making it ideal for plenum, once-through and re-circulating installations used in soft-wall cleanrooms, upgrades, problematic areas, additions, spot cooling, and process isolators applications.  The HEPAir's lightweight, all-aluminum outer body features a self-contained design that is factory tested prior to shipment under process load conditions and is ETL and CSA approved.  Mechanical components are accessible from the front or through removable access panels for ease of start-up and maintenance.  Options include: air-or-water cooled condensers; integral HEPA filtration, chemical filtration and UV lighting; PID control; and duct collars.

• Designed to mount onto and work with standard HEPA fan filter units (2'x4')
• All aluminum outer body
• Units can be connected in a series for increased capacities       

• Self contained air cooled or integral water cooled condensers.
• Integral stainless steel humidification
• PID Temperature and/or Humidity control
• High static pressure plug fan
• Integral HEPA filtration, UV lighting, and Chemical filtration
• Electric Reheat
• Duct collars

Sizes:   1/2 Ton,  1 Ton, and 2 Ton Units

Product Code: HI-24  HVAC 1 Ton Unit, Btu/Hr, 208 Volt, Single Phase, 60 Hz, Air Cooled Condenser.   Does not include HEPA filter fan unit (optional)




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