Cleanroom Computer Cart - Stainless Steel, Cart Washable Casters, 24"Wx24"L, EA-MCWS2424S-MOD

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Cleanroom Computer Cart  - Stainless Steel - 24"W x 24"L - Cart Washable Casters - EA-MCWS2424S-MOD

Cleanroom computer carts have a cantilevered shelf, undershelf, and keyboard drawer.  The computer cart is available in two sizes: 24" x 24" or 30" x 30" with a working height of 38".  The overall height with the cantilever shelf is 53-3/8".   The units are available in type 304 stainless steel or chrome finish.  The undershelf is 14" x 24" on the 24" x 24" workstation and 18" x 30" on the 30" x 30" unit.  Polyurethane casters are gray in color and will not leave marks on the cleanroom floor.
•  Two 48" (1219mm) rear posts
•  Two 33" (838mm) front posts
•  5" diameter swivel casters with resilent or polyurethane tread, two with brake
•  One 12" (305mm) wide wire cantilever shelf
•  One full-length wire undershelf
•  One wire table top
•  One keyboard drawer
•  One 3 sided frame
•  All wire shelves feature patented QuadTruss design
•  38 3/8" (975mm) working height
•  53 3/8" (1356mm) overall height
•  Available in chrome or stainless steel
•  Shipped knocked down

•  Resilient Casters - hard flat black wheel - less expensive - 5" (127mm) - two with brake
•  Polyurethane Casters - soft flat gray wheel - 5"  (127mm) - two with brake - non marking
•  Cart Washable Casters - corrosion resistant stainless steel axle - stainless steel stem - polymer horn - 5" (125mm) polyurethane wheel - two with brake

EA-MCWS2424S-MOD  Cleanroom Computer Cart, Stainless Steel, 24"W x 24"L x 38"H, Cart Washable Casters, 2ea EA-A222152 and 2ea EA-A222153.

NOTE:  Pricing does not include mouse shelf.

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