Cleanroom Cleaner - MicroNova Lab & Glass Cleaner- Ready to Use - Gallon MN-NC2-G

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Cleanroom Cleaner - MicroNova Lab & Glass Cleaner - Ready to Use - Gallon - MN-NC2-G

NovaClean™ Lab & Glass Clean is a low-ionic ready-to-use cleaner for work-stations, laminar flow benches, glass, plastic and acrylic screens, cleanroom curtains and painted surfaces.

Filtered to 0.1 microns the NovaClean Lab & Glass Clean has sodium and potassium levels detectable only in parts per billion. Available in an easy-to-use quart size spray bottle the solution has a good evaporation rate and can be applied directly on the surface to be cleaned. Also available in gallon containers.  8 quarts per case.  

Filtered to 0.1 Microns, Low Sodium, Bio-degradable, No blending, Antistatic

Available: Quarts or Gallons

MN-NC-2-G    NovaClean Lab Cleanroom Cleaner - Ready to Use -  4 Gallons per Case    
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