Anti-Fatigue Mats, Complete Smooth Polyurethane, Dry Applications Only, Fire Retardant, Oil Resistant, Cleanroom ISO 5 Class 100, 2'x3', Black, EO-SX-23

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Anti-Fatigue Mats - Complete Smooth Polyurethane - Dry Applications Only - Fire Retardant - Cleanroom ISO 5 Class 100 - 2'x3' - Black - EA-SX-23

The cleanroom anti fatigue mats are a Complete Smooth polyurethane material which is the same as the Complete Bubble and is specifically designed for combined standing and rolling environments like distribution centers.  It is also a great mat for large areas, walkways, etc.

  • • Chemicals
  • • Clean Room 100/ Class 5
  • • Damp/Humid
  • • Dry
  • • Oily
  • • Static Control/ESD

•  The mat uses raw virgin material only.  The mat is not only anti-fatigue but also true ergonimic benefits.
•  Fire Retardant
•  Resists moderate oils and liquids
•  Anti-static properties
•  Solid mat throughout, no hollow bubbles that collapse
•  Cleanroom Class 5 (100) Compatible

The mats are available in any length and 2', 3', 4', 5' & 6' widths.  Always in one piece

Call for pricing on sizes not listed

Color: Dark Charcoal
Weight: 2200 g +/- 50 g// 4.85 lbs +/- 0.1 lbs
Thickness:  11 mm// 0.43"
Density: 390 kg/m3  +/- 10%
Hardness:  15-22 Sh A
Warranty:  5 years

Foamed Polyurethane Anti-Fatigue Mats, Class 100 ISO 5, Dry Applications Only, Fire Retardant
EO-SX-23      2'x3'
EO-SX-24      2'x4'
EO-SX-25      2'x5'
EO-SX-26      2'x6'
EO-SX-27      2'x7'
EO-SX-28      2'x8'
EO-SX-29      2'x9'
EO-SX-210    2'x10'
EO-SX-211    2'x11'
EO-SX-212    2'x12'

EO-SX-33      3'x3'
EO-SX-34      3'x4'
EO-SX-35      3'x5'
EO-SX-36      3'x6'
EO-SX-37      3'x7'
EO-SX-38      3'x8'
EO-SX-39      3'x9'
EO-SX-310    3'x10'
EO-SX-311    3'x11'
EO-SX-312    3'x12'

EO-SX-44      4'x4'
EO-SX-45      4'x5'
EO-SX-46      4'x6'

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