Cleanroom Tables, Stainless Steel Top, Chrome Base Includes Shelf & H Frame, 24"W x 60"L, EA-AC2460T-1S1HF

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Cleanroom Table - Stainless Top - Chrome Base Includes Shelf & H Frame - 24"x60"  EA-AC2460T-1S1HF

Cleanroom table has a heavy gauge (brushed or electropolished) stainless steel top with choice of base combination: one wire undershelf and one C-frame or two C-frames or H-frames.  Table has four 33" high posts.  Wire undershelves feature patented QuadTruss design.

•  Solid stainless steel work surface
•  All work surface table tops feature hat channel underneath for added strength
•  Four 33" (838mm) chrome posts numbered in 1" (25mm) increments for flexible and level positioning of the base that you choose
•  Base combination available with or without wire undershelf, with chrome H-frame or C-frame
•  An almost unlimited number of custom configurations can be created by adding undershelves or overshelves
•  34½" (876mm) working height

Cleanroom Table - Stainless Steel Solid Top, Chrome Base
1ea Chrome "H" Frame and 1ea Chrome Wire Shelf
EA-AC2436T-1S1HF    24"x 36"x 34½"H
EA-AC2448T-1S1HF    24"x 48"x 34½"H
EA-AC2460T-1S1HF    24"x 60"x 34½"H
EA-AC2472T-1S1HF    24"x 72"x 34½"H

EA-AC3036T-1S1HF    30"x 36"x 34½"H
EA-AC3048T-1S1HF    30"x 48"x 34½"H
EA-AC3060T-1S1HF    30"x 60"x 34½"H
EA-AC3072T-1S1HF    30"x 72"x 34½"H

EA-AC3636T-1S1HF    36"x 36"x 34½"H
EA-AC3648T-1S1HF    36"x 48"x 34½"H
EA-AC3660T-1S1HF    36"x 60"x 34½"H
EA-AC3672T-1S1HF    36"x 72"x 34½"H

"AC" - 16 gauge type 304 brushed stainless top with chrome base
"AS" - 16 gauge type 304 brushed stainless top with stainless base
"AP" - 14 gauge type 304 brushed stainless top with 3/4" (19mm) perforations on 1" (25mm) centers with stainless base
"AEP" - Electropolished solid top with stainless base
"APEP" - Electropolished top with stainless base

  • • Base with two C-frames
  • • Base with two H-frames
  • • Base with one C-frame and one wire shelf
  • • Base with one H-frame and one wire shelf
    • Base with two wire shelves

For more options, visit our main Cleanroom Tables section.

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