Cleanroom Coverall - Taffeta, Zipper Front, Knit Cuffs, Snap Ankles, White, Large, HT-1280-4-TW-L

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Cleanroom Coverall - Taffeta- Knit Cuffs - Zipper Front - Snap Ankles - White - Large - HT-1280-4-TW-L
Cleanroom coveralls are manufactured of reusable washable Taffeta material.  Features a mandarin collar, neck snap closure, zipper front closure, raglan sleeves, knit cuff wrists and snap leg closure, along with three male snaps on center back of each leg at 12", 14", and 16"up from bottom leg opening.  Coveralls can be sterilized using an autoclave when the standard plastic zipper is replaced with nickle plated coiled zipper.  Taffeta is a 100% polyester plain weave (1 over 1 up) material.  A non conductive fabric which can be used in any Class of cleanroom.  Colors: White, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Black, Yellow and Aqua.  Sizes: XS - 6XL.

•  Taffeta
•  Reusable Washable
•  Mandarin Collar
•  Neck Snap Closure
•  Zipper Front
•  Raglan Sleeves
•  Knit Cuff
•  Snap Leg

•  White                                                 
•  Light Blue                                         
•  Navy Blue                                          
•  Black 
•  Yellow
•  Aqua
HT-1280-TW-L    Cleanroom Coverall, Taffeta, Zipper Front, Knit Cuff Wrist, Snap Ankles, White, Large.

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