Explosion Proof Stainless Steel Vacuums; Minuteman, 15 Gallon, HA-C88015-02

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Explosion Proof Vacuums - Minuteman - Stainless Steel - 15 Gallon  HA-C88015-02

Class 1 Group D and Class II Group F&G Atmospheres

Explosion proof vacuum by Minuteman is a hazardous-duty critical filter vacuum is rated explosion proof and dust ignition proof for Class I, Group D-atmospheres containing acetone, benzene, ethane, ethanol, methane, ect. and for Class II, Group-G - atmospheres containing flour, starch, corn or grain dust. The 3-filter system features a cloth filter, high density impact filter and the ULPA filter, efficient to a minimum of 99.999% at 0.12 microns.  Fifteen gallon and fifty-five gallon stainless steel tank and 115 volt, 1.7 HP (peak) motor are standard. The unit is optional wet/dry and a manometer assembly is also optional. Two explosion proof/ignition proof tool kits including 1-1/2" hose and attachments are available for dry only and wet/dry use.

- UL Listed
- 22 gauge, non sparking stainless steel tank
- 3" static conductive casters and 8" static conductive rear wheels on 15 gallon models
- 5" static conductive casters and 5" static conductive rear wheels on 55 gallon models
- 120 cfm
- 69" Water lift (1753mm)
- Available in 15 gallon (57 liter) and 55 gallon (76 liter) sizes
- Optional ULPA filter - 99.999% efficient at 0.12 microns

- Class I Group D Atmospheres
           * butane, cyclopropane, ethane, ethanol, gasoline, methane, methanol, octane,
             pentane, petroleum, propane, turpentine, vinyl cloride
- Class II Group F Atmospheres
           * carbon black, charcoal, coke or coal dusts
- Class II Group G Atmospheres                                                                   8
           * flour, starch or grain, or combustible dusts having resistivity of 10  ohm-    
             centimeter or greater

Types of locations and operations requiring the Explosion Proof/Dust Ignition Proof Va
- Class I Locations
           * Petroleum refining facilities
           * Dip tanks containing flammable or combustible liquids
           * Plants manufacturing organic coatings
           * Spray finishing areas
           * Petroleum dispensing areas
           * Plants manufacturing or using pyroxylin or other plastics
           * Locations where inhalation anesthetics are used
           * Utility gas plants, operations involving storage and handling of liquified 
             petroleum and natural gas
           * Aircraft hangers and fuel servicing areas
- Class II Locations
           * Grain elevators and bulk handling facilities
           * Manufacture and storage of starch
           * Flour and feed mils
           * Areas for packaging and handling of pulverized sugar and cocoa
           * Spice grinding plants
           * Confectionery manufacturing plants

Product Code: HA-C88015-02  Explosion Proof/Dust Ignition Proof, 15 Gallon, Wet/Dry, Stainless Steel Tank, 103 lbs/47 kg, 115V 50/60 Hz, Includes:
HA-800250 - Lid Assembly, 115V, 50/60 Hz
HA-800256 - Tank Assembly, Stainless Steel, Explosion Proof
HA-800251 - Conductive Bag Assembly, Explosion Proof
HA-800263 - Float Assembly
HA-800278 - Adapter Ring, Stainless Steel Assembly

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Shipping Instructions: The Minuteman vacuum will ship via UPS or FedEx. The order ships collect or prepay and add to the invoice. If shipping collect, add your freight account number in the “Comments Box” when checking out. Customer is responsible for the freight chargeShipping weight of 27 pounds. 

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