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Table Top Clean Benches; Inflow Air Stream, HEPA Filtered, Acrylic Side Shields, 11" Deep Hood, CAP-1502CS-30-G343

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Table Top Clean Bench - General Dust Containment - Inflow Air Stream - HEPA Filtered - Acrylic Side Shields - CAP-1502CS-424-30-G342

The table top containment hood has HEPA filtered air blowing inward away from the operator creating a horizontal negative pressure air flow. The unit sits on an existing table and is an economical solution for general dust containment applications. Unit measures 48 1/2"W x 24 1/2"H x 36"D. The acrylic hood has an 11" depth back to the HEPA filter. HEPA filter size: 47.6" x 23.6". Prefilter size: 24"x 24" MERV 8. 700 CFM, Speed control, power cord, 120V, 3 amps.

Table top clean bench is designed for general dust containment applications.  The HEPA filtered air provides a clean environment for parts and operators.

•  48-1/2"W x 24-1/2"H x 30"D - 11" Hood Depth
•  48-1/2"W x 24-1/2"H x 36"D - 17" Hood Depth

•  Decorative housing
•  47.6"x 23.6" HEPA Filter
•  700 CFM
•  Clear Acrylic Hood
•  Power Cord - 120V 3 amps

Product Code: CAP-1502CS-424-30-G342   Table Top Clean Bench, Inflow Air Stream, HEPA Filtered, 11" Acrylic Hood Depth

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Order online, call customer service at 303-752-0076 or email

Shipping Instructions: The table top clean benches ship on a motor freight carrier. The order ships collect or prepay and add to the invoice. If shipping collect, add freight account number in the “Comments Box” when checking out. Customer is responsible for the freight charge. Indicate if your facility will require a lift gate or if you have a dock high receiving area. Please include delivery point of contact name and phone number. Inspect all shipments within (3) three business days of receiving. Freight claims can only be filed within that time.


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