Mop Handles; Adjustable Polymer, 2 Lengths, 3 Colors, PF-88

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Mop Frame Handles - Adjustable Polymer - 2 Lengths - 3 Colors - White - PF-88

The adjustable mop handle is a high quality polymer material making it very durable and lightweight (16 oz/64 grams). Super smooth finish is pleasant to touch, impervious to water, grease, gasoline, detergents, sanitizers and solvents. Mop handle will not rot, corrode or oxidize.

Optimize your working posture, improve your comfort level and cleaning efficiency.  Adjust handle from 34" to 62" for a working upright posture. Comfortable 1" gripping area of upper handle reduces strain on hand and ensures small muscles are not overworked. 

The end of the handle has 4¼" Acme screw thread. A standard thread having a profile angle of 29 degrees and a flat crest. Standard thread used in broom and mop frames.

PF-88-12-R  Red  
PF-88-12-W White
PF-88-12-B  Blue

Use with Perfex Mop Frame Only

Product Code: PF-88  Mop Handles, Polymer, Adjustable 2 Lengths, 3 Colors, Acme Screw Thread 

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To order mop handles online, you can click above, email, or call customer service at (303)752-0076. 

Shipping Instructions: The mop handles can ship via UPS or FedEx. The order ships collect or prepay and add to the invoice. If shipping collect, add your freight account number in the “Comments Box” when checking out. Customer is responsible for the freight charge.

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